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September 30, 2018 @ 4:47 pm

Chapter 3: Episode 3 (Alissa Turney)

Episode 3 of Chapter 3 is formatted a bit differently than previous chapters in the sense that we have a guest in this episode as well. Moxie was an incredible asset to us and for this chapter as she researched and provided us with a tremendous amount of information about the likelihood and statistics surrounding missing person cases.  Scott and Heather added Moxie’s information into episode 3 since this is how the entire case began; Alissa was a missing person.  So, we go through the timeline a bit more in depth and discuss questions as well as potential justifications that Michael had for his actions/behaviors. This was a really tough case for us as since we have our minds made up about what happened.  However, as you will see, we examine the case from different perspectives in an effort to provide the listeners with every possible scenario.  As you will hear though, by the end of this chapter, we’re in the same boat as Sarah. Please refer back to episodes 1 and 2 prior to listening to this one in order to understand the timeline, evidence, and efforts being made by Sarah for Alissa.

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Episode 3 of Chapter 3 provides statistics surrounding missing person cases as well as the questions/theories/thoughts that have come up throughout this case.

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